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Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Smoke Emitters

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Smoke Emitters
  • These unique smoke emitters emit a dense, oil-free, non-toxic smoke
  • Use to test and balance air flows
  • Smoke cartridges are non-explosive & are packaged in sealed capsules
  • Easily locates leaks in furnaces & ductwork
MSDS/Technical Data
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Item No.Mfg. No.DescriptionStd. Qty.U.M.
01160116150 Cubic Feet Smoke / 45 Second Burn Time100EA
01170117600 Cubic Feet Smoke / 75 Second Burn Time100EA
011801181060 Cubic Feet Smoke / 2-1/2 Minute Burn Time5EA
011901192500 Cubic Feet Smoke / 4 Minute Burn Time5EA
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